Almost 15 years ago, residents of Lake Park Audubon Public Schools voted to invest in a new Secondary School to provide a healthy, safe, and educationally strong environment for our older learners. Our district understood that our Elementary School would eventually need facility investments, however, we decided to approach this long-range plan one step at a time.

The School Board has determined the time has come to make investments into our Elementary School — not by building a new school but rather by investing in our existing school. On Tuesday, November 2, our communities will decide whether to invest in a plan to help continue our mission to “prepare students with the academic, social, and life skills to succeed in a changing world.” If approved, this two-question plan will:

  • Provide more classroom space, modernize learning areas, and address building maintenance/site improvements at our Elementary School in Audubon.

  • Provide more space for hands-on Career and Technical Education (CTE) and collaborative, small group learning areas at our Secondary School in Lake Park.

To learn more, please visit our dedicated website