Lake Park Audubon

School District ISD 2889

Lake Park Audubon School District



Special School Board Meeting

Monday, August 10, 2020

High School Theatre – Lake Park

7:00 AM

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1.0 CALL TO ORDER2.0 ROLL CALL3.0 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE4.0 APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA (Action Item)5.0 APPROVAL OF CONSENT AGENDA (ACTION ITEM) 5.1 Resignations5.1.1 Paraprofessional /Raider Care Supervisor-Lake Park Audubon Elementary- Shanna Bach 5.2 Permission to Hire 5.2.1 WIN Teacher (.5 Title/.5 ADSIS) – Lake Park Audubon Elementary-Taylor Reichel,Step 1, Lane 15.2.2 Social Studies Teacher – Lake Park Audubon High School – Elizabeth Daigle, Step 1, Lane 15.2.3 High School Principal – Lake Park Audubon High School – Arthur Meyer,5.2.4 Long-term substitute - Lake Park Audubon School – Erika Pake – Step 1, Lane 15.2.5 Activities Director – Lake Park Audubon School – Kyle Haberman – Salary $27,365.00
6.0 Public CommentRecognition of visitors to board meeting: Lake Park Audubon Schools welcome you to the meeting of the LPA Board of Education. While this is a meeting of the Board to conduct the business of the School District, the Board is not statutorily compelled to hear comments, we also desire to provide an opportunity to hear from members of the public, including staff and students, on matters of interest. This portion of the agenda will be limited to a total of not more than 30 minutes unless otherwise determined by the Board. Individual speakers are asked to limit their comments to not more than 3 minutes. The Board requests that all comments be in keeping with, and contribute to, an atmosphere of civil, courteous, thoughtful, and respectful public discourse. Board members and administration will not respond to comments at the meeting. Appropriate responses will be provided at a later time or comments may lead to future board agenda items. Thank you for attending. 7.0 New Business (Discussion/Action) 7.1 Approve the Resolution for Adopting a Base Learning Model for 2020-2021 School Year. (Action) 7.2 Approve Calendar Change, May 28, 2021, will be used in August for preparation. (Action) 7.3 Approve the MOU Interagency Early Intervention(IEIC) Services Agreement between Mahube-Otwa Community Action Partnership, Inc. and Lake Park Audubon LEA 7 Lake Agassiz Special Education Cooperative 8.0 Adjournment

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We provide:

  • A healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Weekly fun themes

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Due to COVID-19 we have had to make significant changes to our program for the summer of 2020, most notably the suspension of Drop-In service. Please refer to the Day Camp Handbook for policy and scheduling information.

For more information contact Shanna Bach -

The Lake Park Audubon School District is looking for volunteers to support our students in various activities! If interested please contact Kathy Hamre at 218-325-0754 ex 1079.

If you are interested in donating to our Music Department, Art Department, Theater or other groups, donations can be sent to the Legacy Foundation at West Central Initiative.

Lake Park Audubon Schools is a public school district, registered with the Minnesota Department of Education with the number #2889. Our school is located in two communities, with our K-6 building located in Audubon, MN and our 7-12 building located in Lake Park, MN. The district is located approximately 35 minutes from the Fargo/Moorhead metro area, directly along Highway 10. Surrounded by a thriving agricultural community and beautiful lakes country, LPA is a fantastic place to learn.

Belief Statements

The Lake Park Audubon Public Schools believe:

  • That before any meaningful learning can take place, we must build relationships between students, staff, and the community.

  • In providing challenging, engaging, and innovative programming for all students to prepare them for success in a changing world.

  • In challenging growth in academics, personal development, and values/relationships all for the future success and well-being of all students.

  • All students have value and deserve an opportunity to learn.

  • Each student has the responsibility to actively participate in her/his learning and achievement.

  • That educational excellence requires effective leadership and highly qualified staff applied with rigor, teamwork, and the responsible use of resources.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Lake Park Audubon Public Schools is to:

  • Prepare students with the academic, social, and life skills to succeed in a changing world.

Vision Statement

An innovative district of choice inspiring students to excel in school and in life.