Testing Schedule 2020-2021

ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) - will be rescheduled after Christmas.

  • The ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupation success. It is offered to all 11th graders for the Career Exploration Component. (approximately 3 hours) Students will receive their score reports within a month.

01/26/2021: PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)

  • The PSAT assesses the Critical Reading, Writing, and Math. Offered to 11th graders. (approximately 3.5 hours) Score reports are available and provided to students in approximately two months. Cost of the test is $16 unless students receive free/reduced lunch.

03/03/2021: ACT (American College Test)

  • The ACT is a college entrance exam that assesses Math, Reading, English and Science. (approximately 3-4 hours) The ACT is accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the US. Score reports are available 4-6 weeks after testing. The Cost of the ACT is $55.00 (no Writing) Please visit ACT Academy for practice.


The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCA's) are the state tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota’s academic standards and also meet federal and state legislative requirements. Preliminary scores are available usually within 60 minutes of completing testing. Individual Score Reports are given to families during Open House in August if they are available.

  • 04/12/2021 - 04/16/2021: MCA Reading 7th Grade (2.5 - 3.5 hours)

  • 04/12/2021 - 04/16/2021: MCA Reading 8th Grade (2.5 - 3.5 hours)

  • 04/15/2021: MCA Reading 10th Grade (2 - 3 hours)

  • 05/04/2021: MCA Math 11th Grade (1.5 - 2.5 hours)

  • 04/19/2021 - 04/21/2021: MCA Math 7th Grade (2 - 3 hours)

  • 04/19/2021 - 04/21/2021: MCA Math 8th Grade (2 - 3 hours)

  • 04/26/2021: MCA HS Science (2 hours)

  • 04/29/2021: MCA Science 8th Grade (1.5 - 2 hours)

05/05/2021: AP English & Literature Composition Exam (approximately 3 hours)

  • AP Exams measure achievement in the AP Course. The scores can be used by college and universities to determine if they will grant students credit for what they’ve alreadylearned, or allow you to skip the equivalent course once you get to college. AP scores are available in July.

State Testing Opt out

Parents/Guardians may opt their student out of state testing. Please click here

  • scroll down and click on "Student Participation in Statewide Assessments"

  • click on the link "Parent/Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing"

  • when the form is completed, please provide it to the office