Parent Teacher Conference Links

Thank you for attending this year's parent teacher conferences via Zoom

Instructions for joining are below. Once joined to a teacher's meeting you will be placed in a waiting room. Teachers will admit 1 family at a time to the meeting based on the order joined.

If you don't already, we highly recommend installing Zoom on your mobile device or laptop prior to the steps below. Additionally, we encourage you to view your student's report card before joining any meetings by logging into your Parent View Account.

Zoom Mobile Apps

Meeting Instructions

(Links will be live Tuesday Feb 16th)

  1. Find the teacher you wish to meet with below

  2. Click the teacher's name to join their Zoom meeting

  3. If prompted, please enter your first and last name

Similar to how a typical in-person conference would take place, once joined to a teacher's meeting you will be placed in a waiting room while the teacher is with other families. Admittance is based on a first come first serve basis. Meet times will be limited to 10 minutes.

Links will not be active until just before 4PM

Dorothy Alexiuk

Eli Beachy

Hannah Becher

Catherine Chilton-Werner

Joe Conrad

Elizabeth Daigle

Andrew Eklund

Kyle Haberman

Cheryl Hogie

Lucas Holzhueter

Diane Jordan

Beau Kirkwood

Patty Klatt

Annie Minske

Kristen Peterson

Lucas Potter

Traci Raknerud

Leah Rebrovich

Dana Robinson

John Schmidt

Yang Song

Cody Stevenson

Andrea Tedrick

Rich Veit

Melanie Vickmark

Connor Waselk