Lake Park Audubon High School June 2021

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From the Principal’s Corner…


There’s no doubt 2020-2021 has been a challenging one for Minnesota Schools and the Lake Park Audubon community.

Students and teachers have found new ways to learn and teach. Staff members have found new ways to schedule. Food and nutrition service workers have found new ways to feed students. Now imagine what the year would have been like if the Lake Park Audubon ISD didn’t have great parents to lean on.

I’d rather not.

As we take time to show what I’m thankful for, there’s no doubt the Lake Park Audubon ISD parents are at the top of the list. In 2020-2021 you had added to your parenting duties by lending hands as tutors and showing patience and grace in an ever-changing educational environment.

You’ve been true MVPs in a year that has seen many changes and challenges.

It means so much for our staff to know that despite the challenging times, they are surrounded by such love and grace daily.

Parents haven’t just been there for children either. Many parents have provided uplifting messages and treats along the way to our staff.

Teachers are thankful for the support, especially since the world of online/hybrid/in-person learning has been new and challenging during 2020-2021. We’ve had our failures and successes. But we tried our best and kept students as our # 1 priority.

“One of my major beliefs is an engaged community, and in many cases, that starts at home.” “Our parents have done a phenomenal job this year under difficult circumstances. We’ve asked a lot out of you because of this, and you have delivered in challenging times. You’ve gone above and beyond in support of your children and our district. It’s something our staff and I won’t forget.”

Here is the link to our 2021-2020 Master School Calendar…... 2021-22 Master Calendar

Thank you for welcoming me and your support in my first year at LPA!

Enjoy your summer and Go Raiders!

Art Meyer, Lake Park Audubon High School Principal

From the Principal’s Corner