Superintendent’s Message to the Community

Dr. Paula Henry

Lake Park Audubon School District


Celebrating Community Involvement in Planning for Growth and Long-Term Facilities

Happy New Year Raider Families and Friends,

As we begin a new calendar year, let's take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of

2020 and gear our focus towards the great things to come in 2021.

As I reflect, one of the many things I'm proud to be part of is the Growth and Long-Term

Planning Committee. This group of community members, district staff, and administration

members has spent countless hours studying and identifying the District's highest facility needs.

Putting the students and staff needs first, the committee agreed they needed to continue

planning and involving the community in their planning efforts through a pandemic that has

challenged us all.

This committee realized that the facility's needs, specifically at the elementary school, will not go

away. Our youngest students need a safe and healthy environment to learn in, just like our older

students. The planning process may have looked different due to the pandemic, but this group

held true to their vision. They still collected the necessary data and community input to assist

the school board in making data-driven decisions that would address our facilities' high


During our school board meeting in December, the board members reviewed the results of the

community survey. Those results revealed that our community feels the LPA School District

provides high-quality education and that the facility improvements the District is considering are

a good value for the investment. The survey also identified that people agree that offering a

high-quality education will positively impact our community. Finally, people feel that the

Audubon Elementary building requires repair while the Lake Park Secondary building is in

excellent condition. If you'd like to review the survey results for yourself, we've made them

available on our facility planning website:

In addition to the community survey results, board members also heard from the Growth and

Long-Term Planning Committee on the facility's needs and the various options to address them.

The committee laid out a plan focused on renovating the existing elementary school while

creating a middle school model for 6-8th graders as the highest priority. In this plan, a

secondary option would address the needs for collaboration space, small group learning areas,

and the career and technical learning area at the secondary school in Lake Park and provide

additional parking at the Audubon elementary school. The committee also laid out how a

daycare wing could be added to the elementary school.

The board members discussed the information provided by the Growth and Long-Term Planning

Committee, and agreed to move forward with planning, setting a possible target date of

November 2021 to bring this to the voters. There will be a school board work session in January

2021 to continue this work and lay out a schedule.

As I look forward to the new year, I am so proud to be part of the Raider community and the

efforts put forth by so many. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this facility planning

process, and I look forward to meeting many more community members in 2021.

If you have any questions about our educational planning, please contact me. You can also find

more information on the LPA School District facility planning process at


Dr. Paula Henry

Proud Superintendent of Lake Park Audubon Schools

Vision 2020 and Beyond

LPA Vision 2020-2021 From Superintendent Leadership 7-1-2020 (1).pdf

Superintendent for Lake Park Audubon Schools

Dr. Paula Henry is the superintendent for Lake Park Audubon School District. Dr. Henry comes to Lake Park Audubon Schools from West Fargo Schools where she held the position of principal for the last seven years. She began her educational career serving in St. Cloud Minnesota Public schools. She had been a teacher, coordinator, and administrator for St. Cloud Schools for 21 years before serving as a principal in West Fargo.

Dr. Henry grew up in St. Cloud Minnesota, attended St. Could State University where she majored in education. She also received her Master’s degree from SCSU in Curriculum and Instruction with a minor in Reading. Her degrees in administration (Principal and Superintendent) were obtained from Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis and SCSU. Lastly Dr. Henry received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary’s University, Minneapolis MN.