IT Internship

Summer Technology Internship

The Lake Park Audubon school district is accepting applications for a Summer Technology Internship. You must be at least 14 years old at the time of application and will be a Lake Park Audubon student between Grades 10th - 12th of the 2021-2022 school year. No previous experience is necessary. The full job description is below.

If you are interested please fill out the Lake Park Audubon General Application form, as well as the internship form below. Applications will be accepted until May 19th. If there are multiple applicants, interviews will be conducted the week of May 17th. The final candidates will be notified by May 24th.

Summer Technology Internship

The Lake Park Audubon School District is looking for 1 summer intern for the technology department. No experience is needed, however an interest in computers, networking, and/or sound and lighting would be beneficial. You must be able to follow instructions and be able to do basic research in order to help troubleshoot potential problems. You’ll be under direct supervision of the Lake Park Audubon Technology Director.

This will be 20 hours a week Monday through Thursday. This schedule can be flexible if you have other obligations and can be either mornings or afternoons. On average it will be 4-5 hrs/day.

The pay is $10.00 / hr with a total of 160 hours.

The anticipated weeks of employment will be (subject to change):

June 7th - August 13th

Expected Duties:

  • Asset Inventory

  • Cleaning of computers

  • Computer repairs

  • Operating System Installation

  • Software Installation

  • Connect/Running/Testing Network Cables

  • Installation of equipment

  • Troubleshoot equipment/basic repairs of equipment

  • If you have strong skills or interest in a specific topic we may adjust duties to fit your goals

Skills You will Learn:

  • Asset management

  • Computer deployment/preparation

  • Basic computer networking

  • Basic scripting or commands (may include CMD, Powershell, Bash, XML, etc)

  • Basic computer repair

  • Cable termination and wiring

  • Time management

  • Network configuration/topography

  • Windows OS navigation

Environment conditions:

  • Most duties will be in an office or classroom setting in good light and ventilation.

  • You may be exposed to dust (eye and/or mouth protection will be provided if requested).

  • You may be exposed to diluted isopropyl alcohol (used for computer cleaning).

  • You may be exposed to compressed air that can cause freezer burn if handled improperly.

  • You will be working around low voltage electricity and there is always the possibility of getting shocked.

  • You may get pinched and or poked by removing cases and/or wiring.

  • You may need to lift up to 15 lbs, crouch down, and be at times in low lit small spaces.

  • You may need to climb a ladder.

To be considered for internship, all applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be enrolled at Lake Park Audubon Schools

  • Must be at least 14 years old by the beginning date with parents or guardians approval

  • Must be able to provide your own transportation