Covid-19 Info

Covid-19 dashboard

Resources and information for Covid-19 guidelines, assistance, and vaccinations. The Lake Park Audubon School District is constantly monitoring the spread of Covid-19 in our community and making the best decisions for our students and staff.


Vaccination Information

We all want to keep students in the classroom, active in sports, and to be able to enjoy prom and graduation. One way to accomplish that, with your help, is to get them vaccinated. We can make a difference in COVID-19 disease and its transmission.

Additional Resources

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Resources for Families

Bills and creditors

Information for help from creditors and bills due to loss of income due to Covid-19

When you call your creditors, mortgage lenders, utilities, etc. asking for help due to loss of income, if you just say you've lost work, income, jobs, show cancellations, whatever, they can't help you. Once you say "I have no income due to the Coronavirus," that's the keyword they need to hear to be able to enact their new policies, defer payments, halt late fees, etc. And, apparently, they can't coach you to say it. You have to say it yourself.

Mental health resources

  • Local Crisis Hotline - 218.850.HELP (4357) or 877.380.3621

  • Becker County Human Services - 218.847.5628

    • Emergency assistance, community health, WIC, childrens' and adult mental health and child protection.

  • Lakes Crisis and Resource Center - 218.847.7446

  • Rural MN CEP - 218.846.7400

    • Questions on unemployment applications.

  • Prairie St. John's - 701.476.7200

    • Mental health assessment and emergency services.

  • Lakeland Mental Health Center - 218.847.1676

    • Becker County's community mental health clinic.

District mental health personnel

Social distancing

What Does Social Distancing Mean?

Social distancing is the practice of reducing close contact between people to slow the spread of infections or diseases like the coronavirus (COVID-19). Social distancing measures include limiting large groups of people coming together, close buildings, and cancelling events.


Use Caution

Safe To Do

  • Group Gatherings

  • Sleep Overs

  • Playdates

  • Concerts

  • Theater Outings

  • Athletic Events

  • Crowded Retail Stores

  • Malls

  • Workouts in Gyms

  • Visitors in Your House

  • Non-essential Workers in Your House

  • Mass Transit Systems

  • Visiting a Grocery Store

  • Getting Take Out

  • Picking Up Medications

  • Visiting the Library

  • Take a Walk

  • Go for a Hike

  • Yard Work

  • Play in Your Yard

  • Clean Out a Closet

  • Read a Good Book

  • Listen to Music

  • Cook a Meal

  • Family Game Night

  • Go for a Drive

  • Group Video Chats

  • Stream a Favorite Show

  • Check on a Friend

  • Check on Elderly Neighbor