May Elementary Newsletter

May Flowers

Thank you for your generosity to our school and community! Due to the continued success of our elementary carnival, we will be able to provide a $5 field trip stipend for each student, buy extra recess equipment, support after school elementary activities, fund the 6th Grade Deep Portage Trip, and support the many fun days throughout the year. In addition, this funding will be used to enhance our new playgrounds during the building project for both our students, and the greater communities that use them. Thank you to sixth graders and their parents for working the games, and our School Carnival Committee. 

As we start to daydream about summer, it is important to keep in mind all the fun yet to come this school year. Each grade level has many fun events and trips planned before the end of the year. We also have lots to learn before the school year is finished. Encourage your student to stay motivated and finish strong this year.

Below you will see some milestones referenced as we continue with our building project. Next year spaces will get tight as we gain 9 classrooms in the addition being constructed, yet lose 12 in the primary wing demolition. This will result in some creative use of space for one year, and music instruction happening within grade level classrooms. We intend to host on site events, along with an open house next fall. We can’t wait to show you the addition in September, and a completely renovated building in the fall of 2024. 

Building Project Milestones

  • May - Exterior Panels, Installed on Addition
  • May - Plumbing, Electrical, Utilities Rough-in Addition
  • May - Walls Assembled within Addition
  • June - Demolition of Primary Wing Begins
  • June - Utilities Finished in Addition
  • June - Renovation w/in existing building begins (pre-K, 4-6th Grade)
  • August - Addition/Interior Renovations Finalized
  • September - Primary Wing Renovations begin.

Dates to Remember

  • 2-5th - 3rd Grade Math MCA
  • 2-5th - 5th Grade Math MCA
  • 4th - BTD Tour (6th Grade)
  • 5th - Doughnuts for Grownups @7-8:30am
  • 5th - RIPL Assembly @ 1:30pm
  • 8th - MNDOT Tour (5th Grade)
  • 8-10th - 5th Grade Science MCA
  • 10th - 4th Grade Field Trip
  • 10th - Pre-K Field Trip
  • 11th - 5th Grade Field Trip (Fischer Farm)
  • 11th - Sunnyside (4th Grade)
  • 12th - Raider Field Day
  • 16th - 6th Grade Field Trip
  • 17th - Becker County Museum (3rd Grade)
  • 18th - 5/6th Grade Musical @ 1:30 & 6:30pm
  • 19th - Kindergarten Spring Concert @ 2pm
  • 19th - 1st Grade Field Trip
  • 22nd - Pre-K Music Performance
  • 22nd - 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • 23rd - Kindergarten Field Trip
  • 23rd - MCA Incentive
  • 23rd - 6th Grade Softball vs. Parents
  • 24th - Raider Rally
  • 24th - School Awards
  • 25th - Last Day of Classes Early Dismissal @ 12:00pm

Full Newsletter (PDF)

Craig Bahr, Elementary Principal