Stay tuned.....

We will be posting updates as soon as we have them about the very hopefully production of our musical!


The LPA Drama department is doing the musical Emma. It is based on the novel Emma by Jane Austen, but it is set in a modern day high school. The music is all popular songs from girl bands, which is a lot of fun! Our TENTATIVE dates are December 4 and 5. This depends entirely on our situation as the year progresses. We don't know if we can have a dinner theater at this time. The students are doing very well learning the songs, we are busy blocking the first and second acts, and hoofing it as we add dance steps to the songs. We also have a very cool set design, which the construction class is going to help us with. It is a shorter play than previous years because of all of the difficulty of producing a play in the age of COVID19.

Cast members are:

Mara Bestge

Jon Stone

Chloe How

Emma Mitchell

Sophia Schlinder

Anna Ullmer

Mary Ullmer

Liam O'Connell

Jesse Peterson

Jaden Willette

Lilly Bach

Rya Jacobs

Morgan Borcherding

Kaylee Sternetzski

and two faculty members are making cameo appearances:

Traci Raknerud

Andrew Ecklund

Songs include

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Man I Feel Like a Woman

King of Anything


and Roar to name a few

Co-directors are

Dorothy Alexiuk

Catherine Chilton-Werner

Lights and sound

Sam Bestge

Rehearsal pianist

Mary Ullmer

Publisher is Stageworks Productions Broadway Licensing

Eric Price is the playwright.

Check for updates on the school website.